Broshek/Bye & Munene and Broshek2/Keyser

  • 55.00 acres
  • 6/98
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Broshek/Bye & Munene and Broshek2/Keyser

Shaw Hill Road, Andover

Sisters Mary Anne and Betty Broshek were the first Andover property owners to protect their family land through Ausbon Sargent. Their 55 acres along the north side of Shaw Hill Road have been in the Broshek family since 1946. The Broshek easement stipulates that the 55 acres remain open to public access for passive uses such as walking, cross-country skiing and nature study. The property is a mixture of open fields and forest; the diverse range of vegetative conditions contribute to attracting numerous wildlife populations, such as bear, deer, moose, and birds.

Mary Anne Broshek, committed to conservation and organic gardening, had a management plan for the property to ensure its future use for forestry, recreation, wildlife habitat and a maple sugar orchard, at the time the property was conserved. Across Shaw Hill Road in Salisbury, Mary Anne had 88 acres conserved through an easement donated in 1990 to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Her gift to Ausbon Sargent creates a large corridor of protected land and scenic rural views.

On December 23, 2013, Elizabeth and Mary Anne Broshek transferred 2.24 acres of the original 55-acre easement to be owned by Elizabeth Broshek and Jeffrey James Broshek Keyser.

On July 16, 2020, Elizabeth and Mary Anne Broshek sold the remaining 52.76 acres to Andrea Bye and Anthony Munene, who manage "Two Mountain Farm" on the property.

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