Winter 2018

  • "Whose woods these are I think I know..."--this represents the theme of the Winter 2018 Chatter and reflects on one of Robert Frost's famous poems about a winter forest.
  • Articles, The Anatomy of a Land Transaction and Lands Committee--help the reader to understand the process Ausbon Sargent uses to determine when a property should be conserved.
  • Our Disappearing Forest--Kristy Heath summarizes an interesting article by Steve LeBlanc regarding the general loss of forestland to development.
  • Property Talk--catch up on all the property news at Ausbon Sargent.
  • The Use of Drone Technology Improves Our Monitoring--our important work can continue through the help of a generous donor.
  • Welcome New Trustees--meet Ginny Gwynn and Jeff Hollinger
  • Reflections on Rally 2017--Board VP, Frances Harris reflects on a great convention.
  • Expanding Libby Trayner's Legacy--Ginny Gwynn shares another gift from Acorn Society member, Libby Trayner.

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