• 9.50 acres
  • 12/89
  • L

Morgan Hill Road, New London

At the end of road and nearly at the top of Morgan Hill, Sarah and David Yerkes protected their property from any further subdivision. By donating a conservation easement they preserved a truly spectacular view of Pleasant Lake and Mt. Kearsarge, protected multiple trailhead access, maintained open space, and saved forestland for water resources protection and wildlife habitat. An additional goal of the Yerkes with their easement was to prohibit the use of their land to satisfy density requirements with respect to the development of other properties.
The New London Conservation Commission maintains parking for trailhead access directly across from this property.
Nancy and Donald Coonley purchased the property with its easement protections in 5/91. The property was transferred to John and Betty Raby on 9/7/12. On 5/31/22, the conservation easement property was sold by John and Betty Raby to Scott and Bettina Wisniewski. 

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