William Bean Quarry (Paul)

  • 139.00 acres
  • 4/13
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William Bean Quarry (Paul)

Kings Hill Road, Sutton

The Paul property, which is now owned by the Town of Sutton, NH, has been named the "William Bean Quarry." It is an undeveloped, primarily forested 139-acre parcel offering a great asset to the Town of Sutton and all who enjoy exploring the outdoors. The property has a reported rare or endangered species listing under the New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau. The "William Bean Quarry" is open to the public for low impact, non-commercial outdoor recreation, including snowmobiling and it provides scenic enjoyment to the public as they hike and travel along King Hill Road. In addition there is a rich history regarding this Sutton property that dates back to the late 1700’s. This property was specifically listed in the Town of Sutton’s 2005 Master Plan as one of the 21 Cornerstones in the Community Cornerstones Project due to the views afforded from the property and the presence of the historic granite quarries. The "William Bean Quarry" would add to over 1,059 acres of conserved land that is adjacent to and near the property. These valuable properties include the King Hill Reservation (#39), the Maple Leaf Natural Area (#94), the Putnam (#66) and Enroth (#31) Easements, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forest’s Bristol Easement and The Audubon Society’s Stoney Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. This project was made possible by the generosity of Tom and Janet Paul, the hard work of the Sutton Conservation Commission, and the support of the voters in the Town of Sutton.

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