Wendell Marsh North

  • 136.40 acres
  • 9/13
  • U
Wendell Marsh North

Ryder Corner Road, Sunapee

The Wendell Marsh North Property is primarily undeveloped forest land with scattered small wetlands and approximately 2200 feet of frontage on both sides of the outlet stream from Perkins Pond. A portion of the property is in the Wendell Marsh watershed and helps maintain the quality of the water flowing into the marsh, an important wildlife area. A variety of wildlife habitats are on the property and the Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club maintains a snowmobile trail on the property that is used year round for pedestrian and snowmobile recreation.
This 136-acre parcel of upland property was conserved when Dr. Jolyon Johnson conveyed the Wendell Marsh North property to the Town of Sunapee and the town granted a conservation easement over the land to Ausbon Sargent. The Sunapee Conservation Commission provided most of the funding for this conservation project and will manage the land for recreation, wildlife and sustainable forestry, but thanks go to many local donors who contributed to the funds that were necessary to secure this property.
There are two existing water wells on the Wendell Marsh North property that may be used in the future for Sunapee’s municipal water supply and the Perkins Pond sewer line will pass through the property helping to improve the water quality in the pond in its outlet brook that flows through the Wendell Marsh North land.

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