Webb (Dane)

  • 74.00 acres
  • 10/06
  • U
Webb (Dane)

Cross & Brook Roads, Sunapee

It was a six months of effort to bring the last two conservation easements in line for R.H. Webb Forest Preserve, a family Tree Farm that is managed from Sunapee by Van Webb. These last two properties are in a line of easements that the Webb family has completed with Ausbon Sargent and others over the last several years. Van comments, "It has been a very interesting learning experience to say the least! On each parcel that we have done, there is always something new and different that we learn about a particular piece of land. And each time we finish dotting all the "i’s" and crossing all the "t’s" both my father and I feel that the time and energy spent gathering data, doing parcel research and having a tightly written easement binding protections to the property in perpetuity is well worth it."

The Dane Lot and the Harrison Lot, 74 and 69 acres respectively, are the last two pieces to be protected in the Tree Farm. Van also notes that, "an interesting fact about the Dane Lot for us has been to watch it grow; at one time Town tax maps listed the acreage as 40, and when we did timber volume surveys that was the acreage we used. When the Town of Sunapee redid the Tax Maps, our lot grew from 40 to 70 acres because we never really had a proper survey of the parcel, something that is required of a conservation easement held by Ausbon Sargent."

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