Trayner/Sliter Conservation Easement

  • 18.00 acres
  • 10/16
  • L
Trayner/Sliter Conservation Easement

Shaker Road and Mountain Road, New London

In 1949, property owner, Libby Trayner purchased her property on Shaker Street and Mountain Road near the New London/Sutton town line and moved with her parents to the home she built on the property. In 1988, Libby, who had no direct heirs, began having conversations with Debbie Stanley, Executive Director of The Ausbon Sargent Land Trust, about conserving her property. Since Libby was not sure if she would ever need to liquidate any of her land as she grew older, she chose to name Ausbon Sargent in her will, posthumously gifting the land trust an easement on any remaining property. Libby died on March 2, 2016, one month shy of her 101st birthday and Ausbon Sargent was well aware of Libby’s intentions for her land.

The Trayner property is mostly forested, but does contain a maintained field on the northern edge that could be used for pasturing horses or other farm animals.  There is extensive road frontage on both Shaker Street and Mountain Road that offers scenic value and the property has valuable agricultural and forestry soils. 

This 2016 protected Trayner property expands on the already conserved land in the area including the Low Plain area, Ausbon Sargent's Currier Easement and the Cascade Marsh Wildlife Management Area and allows for low-impact recreational activities.

On December 22, 2016, the Trayner property was sold to Tim and Lizette Sliter.

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