Tatum /Nelson

  • 21.80 acres
  • 7/93
  • N
Tatum /Nelson

Burpee Hill Road, New London

This easement is part of a cooperative effort among some Burpee Hill Road neighbors whose lands offer spectacular views of Lake and Mount Sunapee. Passersby always pause to marvel at the panoramic view across these two contiguous properties. Post cards from over 50 years ago show the identical view seen today and because of this easement will be enjoyed forever. Nancy and Kit Tatum worked with their neighbor Peg Carroll (see map #21) and together they protected 55.6 acres. The land may be used for forestry and agricultural activities, but cannot be subdivided or be used to satisfy density requirements with respect to development of other lands. Ausbon Sargent has the right to cut trees to maintain the scenic vista from the road. Charlie and Miriam Nelson purchased the property in May 2011.

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