Stanley Farm Association, Inc.

  • 64.50 acres
  • 11/89 ;1/09
  • N
Stanley Farm Association, Inc.

Burpee Hill Rd. & Newport Rd., New London

The Stanley Farm Association, Inc. has conserved 64.50 with Ausbon Sargent along Burpee Hill Road and Newport Road in New London.  In November of 1989, the Stanley Farm Association donated a conservation easement on 31.47 acres and then in January 2009, they granted a conservation easement on the remaining 33.03 acres.  The property has been owned by the Stanley Family since 1863.  Primarily forested, with northern hardwood and hemlock-hardwood-pine forest types, it also includes three agricultural fields producing Christmas Trees for 30 years until 2015, wild blueberries and hay.  The land supports many species of wildlife. In 1991, the UNH Cooperative Extension awarded the landowners with its first Merrimack County Wildlife Stewardship award.

The use limitations on property prohibit subdivision and buildings except for the purpose of agriculture or forestry. The conservation easement also protects about a half-mile of frontage along Newport Road. The area must remain forested and undeveloped, supporting the goals of New London's Master Plan, which cites that "the main roads leading to town are critically important to the visual quality of the Town."

Additionally, in 2002, the family donated a conservation easement on 11.6 acres known as Stanley Point covering 1/2 mile of shoreline on Little Lake Sunapee and 700 feet on both sides of Newport Road, protecting part of the rural gateway to New London.  In total, the Stanleys have donated 76.10 acres “to help preserve the rural character of our region.”   Obtaining consensus from a large group  of relatives sends a strong message about how important conservation is to the Stanley family. We thank them for sharing these special family lands by protecting them forever.

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