• 28.60 acres
  • 3/89
  • L

Pleasant Street & Lake Shore Road, New London

This property includes 21 acres of active farmland near Pleasant Lake.  Through the years, the fields have been used for various vegetable and fruit crops by the current owners of Spring Ledge Farm. Currently, the only crop is strawberries (and buckwheat to enrich the soil in the off-season). This field will remain as open space devoted to agriculture, and continue to offer a fine view of Mt. Kearsarge. The Sargents also gave a second easement on Great Brook, extending for 3000 feet along the course of the brook and for 100 feet on each side. The tract holds a footpath maintained by the New London Conservation Commission. (Parking is available just off Lake Shore Road, which offers wonderful hiking on this and abutting protected lands. Many well-marked trails maintained by the New London Conservation Commission start from this location. The Sunapee/Ragged/Kearsarge Greenway trail can also be accessed at this point.)

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