• 45.20 acres
  • 12/04
  • L

123 Hominy Pot Road, Sutton

The Putnam easement, donated by Gerry and Lisa Putnam, has been identified as one of Sutton’s "Special Places." Boasting 1500’ of frontage on Hominy Pot Road with scenic views of fields and woods, Lyon Brook meandering through it and King Hill as a back drop, this 45.2-acre conservation easement connects two other large areas of protected land, Musterfield Farm and the King Hill Reservation, creating a combined total of 776 acres. The parcel encompasses 22 acres of productive hayfield and also provides watershed protection to Lyon Brook, which is the primary water source for Kezar Lake. Public access to a trail along Lyon Brook is granted in the easement.

Gerry Putnam states, "It became clear to me that most folks do not see the "rub" between the quality of their environment and money, development and sprawl. Many friends that I had known for years would say, when informed of our intention to preserve our land, "...but what if you need money or want to give a building lot to your family?" It is in our collective consciousness not to litter or burn down our forests, but it is far from a mass concern to preserve what beauty and open spaces are left in our part of the world."

"Lisa and I knew that we had the chance to do something very important for us, the town of Sutton, the wonderful wildlife that occupies this and the adjoining forests and future caretakers of this property. Yes, in the short run, our property will lose a bit of value due to the signing away of any development potential. Yet, in the long run, this property will have a value far beyond today’s development profits."


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