Phillips/Zecker and Carey

  • 61.40 acres
  • 12/91
  • N
Phillips/Zecker and Carey

Burpee Hill Road, New London

Mrs. Bessie Phillips granted a conservation easement on her property on the west side of Burpee Hill Road in New London. At a total size of 61.4 acres, the property can be divided into 2 lots. Lot one consists of 25.2 acres with one single-family dwelling and a seasonal cottage. The seasonal cottage must remain ancillary and may not be further improved. Lot two consists of 36.2 acres. Both lots are a mixture of forests and open fields.

Since her death in 4/96, her heirs put these two lots up for sale. Anne Marie Appel purchased Lot one in 3/00. Danielle and Brian Carey purchased Lot two in 5/01. Anne Marie Appel sold Lot one to Katherine and George Crozer in 8/06.  The Crozer Lot is now owned (in 2019) by Lauren Zecker.

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