Phillips/Farnsworth and Carey

  • 61.40 acres
  • 12/91
  • N
Phillips/Farnsworth and Carey

Burpee Hill Road, New London

In 1991, Mrs. Bessie Phillips granted a conservation easement on her property on the west side of Burpee Hill Road in New London. At a total size of 61.4 acres, the property was allowed to be divided into two lots. Lot one consists of 25.2 acres with one single-family dwelling and a seasonal cottage. The seasonal cottage must remain ancillary and may not be further improved. Lot two consists of 36.2 acres. Both lots are a mixture of forests and open fields. The property is part of the Lake Sunapee watershed, contributing to the protection of the water resources.

Since Mrs. Phillips' death in April of 1996, her heirs put these two lots up for sale. Anne Marie Appel purchased Lot one in March of 2000. Danielle and Brian Carey purchased Lot two in May of 2001. Anne Marie Appel sold Lot one to Katherine and George Crozer in August of 2006.  The Crozer Lot is now ownedby Lauren Farnsworth.

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