Phillips (Lake)

  • 3.50 acres
  • 4/91
  • N
Phillips (Lake)

Newport Road, New London

The owners of the "Kentlands" Boathouse property, Mrs. Bessie Phillips, and the Denny Beach Realty Trust helped protect the scenic shoreline of Little Lake Sunapee by donating a conservation easement to the ASLPT. The 3.5-acre Phillips Lake property actually consists of a 2.40-acre parcel and a 1.10-acre parcel that contributes to the easement. This project is an excellent example of several landowners working together to protect contiguous lands. This cooperative effort protects a total of 9.35 acres, which includes 1,650 feet of shoreline. Protecting "gateway" properties is consistent with New London's Master Plan, which emphasizes that "main roads leading to town are critically important to the visual quality of the Town" so this easement is doubly valuable because it also includes approximately 1,450 feet of road frontage along Newport Road.

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