Perry/Radzelovage and Nardino

  • 41.77 acres
  • 4/01
  • L
Perry/Radzelovage and Nardino

95 Hoyt Road, Andover

The land is located on the north side of Hoyt Road and the east side of Philbrick Road in Andover. It consists of 41.77 acres, more or less, and includes a homestead or "unrestricted area" of 5.60 acres. With approximately 1,400 feet of frontage along Hoyt Road, the property is visible to the general public. The land includes a mixture of forest, open field, abandoned sugar orchard and pasture, creating a diverse range of vegetative conditions, which attracts numerous wildlife populations. Further, the property easement offers the general public the opportunity to build an extensive protected trail system. The easement is held by Ausbon Sargent with the Andover Conservation Commission as back-up holder.

Property Description
• 29 acres purchased in 1973; 11.49 acres purchased in 1974; the two parcels have been merged.
• Approximately 1,400 feet of frontage along Hoyt Road in Andover.
• East - old sugar stand with an abandoned sugar house; the Perry's used to sugar (20 gallons a year) but stopped in the 1980s when Guy was first diagnosed with cancer.
• North (along 2 parcel line) – wet
• Middle of property - predominately forest with woods roads & trails
• West – open fields and apple trees
• Plenty of feed for wildlife – apple trees; variety of berries; acorns, etc.
• Deer, moose, bear, fox – scat noted throughout property
• Trail access permitted

Alice Perry sold the property to Bennett Phillips and James Crowley in February 2002. In August 2011, William Radzelovage and Marie Nardino purchased the property.

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