• 46.60 acres
  • 6/13
  • L

George Hill Road, Springfield

The Patten property is primarily undeveloped and consists of a mix of fields and forest. It contains prime agricultural soils which are rare in the state of New Hampshire. The property is listed as Supporting Landscapes under the 2010 Wildlife Action Plan. It falls within the buffer for New Hampshire Fish and Game’s McDaniels Marsh with one intermittent and one perennial stream that flow across the property into McDaniels Marsh. To insure the protection of the water quality of McDaniels Marsh, New Hampshire Fish and Game listed the property as a target for conservation. In addition to its conservation benefits, the Patten property also provides scenic enjoyment to the public traveling along George Hill Road.
The protection of the Patten property was made possible by the combined efforts of many friends, community members and partners including the following: the Bafflin Foundation, Burton D. Morgan Foundation, Fields Pond Foundation, the Springfield Conservation Commission, State of NH--Fish and Game, State of NH—LCHIP and State of NH—Moose Plate.

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