New London/West-Anthony-James

  • 38.86 acres
  • 12/96
  • L
New London/West-Anthony-James

Columbus Avenue, New London

Mary "Mimi" West, Edward "Ted" Anthony and Helen James gave five acres of land at the Corner of Columbus Ave. and Route 103A to the Town of New London with a conservation easement being held by Ausbon Sargent. Though small in size, this parcel of wetlands and forest is part of the large buffer zone of land between I-89 and Route 103A, which was identified by the Lake Sunapee Protective Association, and the New London Conservation Commission as critical to the watershed protection of Lake Sunapee. These watershed properties, particularly wetlands, filter contaminants that threaten water quality and aquatic life. The forest growth also provides a visual and acoustic barrier to the highway.

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