Maple Leaf Natural Area/Town of Sutton

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Maple Leaf Natural Area/Town of Sutton

King Hill Road, Sutton

Upon granting a conservation easement to Ausbon Sargent, the Kezar Conservation Group LLC sold the property to the Town of Sutton to be managed by the Conservation Commission. The property is now known as the Maple Leaf Natural Area. Bordering 227 feet of frontage along Kings Hill Road, this easement protects primarily forestland. Because the property is visible from Lyon Brook and Hominy Pot Road, this part of the view of the southeast face of King Hill will continue to be rural and undeveloped. The Property adds to 786 acres of already conserved land in the immediate area - including King Hill Reservation, Enroth and Putnam easements (all protected by Ausbon Sargent), as well as the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests’ Bristol easements. The New Hampshire Wildlife Action Plan ranks approximately 1% of the Property as Highest Ranking Habitat in the state and 66% of the Property as supportive of that high ranking habitat. In addition to wildlife habitat protection, the easement protects the watersheds of both Lyon Brook and Kezar Lake. Public access is allowed for pedestrian activities. (This Property was originally part of an approved 11 lot subdivision.)

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