Enroth, Lefferts/Town of Sutton

  • 9.71 acres
  • 9/07
  • L
Enroth, Lefferts/Town of Sutton

Frontage on Route 114 & Keyser Street, Sutton

This easement includes two properties that link Kezar Lake, both sides of Keyser Street and Route 114. The 5.2 acre parcel known as the Mildred Lefferts Natural Area has frontage on the east side of Kezar Lake up to, and including both sides of scenic Keyser Street. This land has been connected to another 4.51 acres purchased by Leslie and Stephen Enroth and then donated to the Town of Sutton. The Enroth Gift continues the protected land corridor from Keyser Street over a ridgeline to end at Route 114 next to the North Sutton Post Office. These properties together provide opportunity for recreation and natural exploration for the public. . On the Lefferts Natural Area, a bench at the shoreline of Kezar Lake, views of the lake from the hillside, large boulders and large white pine trees all provide points of interest for the visitor. The Enroth Gift provides the town an opportunity for construction of a parking area for outdoor recreational activities on the Property, a corridor for wildlife, and an undeveloped gateway to North Sutton Village.

This property retains undeveloped, forested open space visible from two public roads. Additionally the easement protects lake front shoreline while allowing outdoor recreational access. These 9.71 acres conserves forestland for native plants and animals, while allowing for recreational use and managed commercial forestry.

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