Emerson/Clark & Brand

  • 31.53 acres
  • 1/91
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Emerson/Clark & Brand

Route 114 and Old Coach Road, New LondonSutton

Financial support from neighbors and friends enabled the ASLPT to purchase this easement, which helped the Emersons with growing medical expenses. Faced with the difficult decision of selling their property, the Emersons found comfort in knowing that: the land would be protected from inappropriate uses; the property would retain its scenic and agricultural values; and the restrictions were permanent - binding for all future owners. This property is known for its spectacular view of Mt. Kearsarge as viewed across mowed fields. Ausbon Sargent and/or the Sutton Conservation Commission have the right to construct and maintain a nature trail as a public path for walking or cross-country skiing.

The property was purchased by Ted Clark and Cheri Brand in 2 parcels in 2003 and 2004.

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