Edwin S. Brown Forest Preserve

  • 19.40 acres
  • 5/18
  • L
Edwin S. Brown Forest Preserve

Forest Acres and County Roads, New London

The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust worked with Bob Brown, Chairman of the New London Conservation Commission, for more than a year to place a conservation easement on the Edwin S. Brown Forest Preserve, owned by Bob and his wife, Sandy.  The Browns chose the name for their property as a tribute to Bob's father who passed away when Bob was a teen, but whose values left a strong impact on Bob. We are happy to announce that this easement donation closed on May 1, 2018.

This 19.4-acre property, bordered on three sides by Forest Acres Road, County Road and Interstate 89, is also located near other protected land on Messer Pond and Clark Pond.  By protecting the Brown property, nearby streams and wetlands as well as the water quality of Messer Pond will also be protected.  It has highly ranked forestry soils and can be managed for both forestry and agriculture.

The property protects the scenic view for people traveling on Forest Acres Road, County Road and Interstate 89, and the property is open to the public for low-impact recreation. 

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