• 43.10 acres
  • 12/91
  • N

Messer Hill Road, Springfield

Neil and Beverlee Donavan of Springfield protected 79 acres on Messer Hill Road - including 430 feet of road frontage. The easement helps preserve natural forestland and is also important watershed to Little Lake Sunapee. A trail has been constructed for public access. This easement prohibits subdivision. No structures are allowed with the exception of those related to forestry and agricultural activities. This property abuts other protected lands, which are owned by the New England Forestry Foundation and Parkhurst/Sjostrom. Together these three properties total 251.44 acres of undeveloped forest - allowing public access for hiking, while protecting the wildlife habitat, watershed and rural character of the area.

The Donavan’s sold their property to Tom & Clara Butler in October 2001.

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