Deming/McDonald & Norris and Deming2/Deming

  • 125.00 acres
  • 12/93
  • L
Deming/McDonald & Norris and Deming2/Deming

Forty Acres Road, New London

Chuck and Barbara Deming bought the Tabor Browder property, located at the end of Forty Acres Road in Elkins. This 125-acre property contains significant wildlife habitat and includes a mixture of forestlands, open fields, fruit bearing trees and bushes, ponds and wetlands. The Demings' land has some exceptional views of Mt. Kearsarge, Pleasant Lake and the surrounding countryside. The Demings' conservation easement stipulates that the property may be subdivided into no more than two separate parcels and no more than two single family dwellings may ever be constructed. Ausbon Sargent (or other conservation organizations under Ausbon Sargent's supervision) has the right to construct trails as public footpaths and to create overlooks and scenic vistas. A trail was built that climbs up the west side of the ridge to a lovely view of Pleasant Lake, Mt. Kearsarge and the Mink Hills in the distance.

Chuck Deming passed away in February 2005.

On August 2, 2019, the 125-acre Deming property was divided into two parcels.  The largest parcel of 112.7 acres was sold to Michael McDonald and Anne Norris and the remaining parcel consisting of 12.3 acres was maintained by the Deming family.

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