Courser Phase 4 (Trumbull Pond)

  • 308.00 acres
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Courser Phase 4 (Trumbull Pond)

White Plains Road, Webster

The 308 acre Trumbull Pond conservation easement, located on the southerly side of White Plains Road in Webster and a small section of Schoodac Road in Warner, completes the fourth phase of a total 1203 acres protected in Warner and Webster by the Courser Family. The Trumbull Pond project was a partnership with Ausbon Sargent, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), The NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP), the Conservation License Plate (Moose Plate Program), the Open Space Institute’s (OSI), the North American Wetlands Conservation Act and other public and private donors. Ausbon Sargent holds this easement and the other 3 Courser family easements for a total of 1203 acres.

The Trumbull Pond easement conserves almost a mile of frontage on Schoodac Brook and nearly two-thirds of the shorefront along Trumbull Pond. The land is predominantly forested, with significant wetlands associated with Schoodac Brook and Trumbull Pond. The property provides critical habitat and buffer for three wildlife species of special conservation concern and is part of a much larger ecosystem/habitat area covering several thousand acres
At the time of the easement, the property is managed for forest products, maple syrup, wildlife habitat and low impact recreation. The property will remain open to the public for pedestrian recreational uses. The protection of over 1200 acres of Courser Family land in the Schoodac Brook area consolidates a vital wildlife corridor. These four complicated land transactions could not have happened without the foresighted and generous Courser Family and financial support from 9 private and public sources. We are grateful to them all for helping make this project possible.

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