Courser Phase 3

  • 440.00 acres
  • 12/08
  • L
Courser Phase 3


The ASLPT in partnership with The Nature Conservancy completed Phase 3 of the Courser Project with the recent signing of 3 separate conservation easements with the four Courser siblings—adding another 440 acres to the previously protected 455 acres of Phase 1 and 2. Phase 4 remains to complete the total project of 1,250 acres.

Courser Phase 3 includes three separate parcels—109 acres adjacent to the NH Fish and Game protected lands of Knight’s Meadow Marsh and two parcels adjacent to the Courser Farm Phase 2—146 acres on Connors Mill Road and 185 acres on Poverty Plains Road (our 100th land project!). These 440 acres protect: important floodplain wetlands; habitat for a variety of wildlife species including 3 of special concern; and provide public access for pedestrians and snowmobilers on the maintained trail.

No working landscape project like this could succeed without multiple funding sources, which include NH Fish & Game’s Landowners Incentive Program, The Towns of Warner & Webster, The Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, the Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation, the Courser Family and many private donors.

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