Courser Phase 3

  • 434.00 acres
  • 12/08
  • L
Courser Phase 3


The ASLPT in partnership with The Nature Conservancy completed Phase 3 of the Courser Project with the recent signing of 3 separate conservation easements with the four Courser siblings—adding another 440 acres to the previously protected 455 acres of Phase 1 and 2. Phase 4 remains to complete the total project of 1,250 acres.

Courser Phase 3 includes three separate parcels—109 acres adjacent to the NH Fish and Game protected lands of Knight’s Meadow Marsh and two parcels adjacent to the Courser Farm Phase 2—146 acres* on Connors Mill Road and 185 acres* on Poverty Plains Road (our 100th land project!). These 440 acres protect: important floodplain wetlands; habitat for a variety of wildlife species including 3 of special concern; and provide public access for pedestrians and snowmobilers on the maintained trail.

No working landscape project like this could succeed without multiple funding sources, which include NH Fish & Game’s Landowners Incentive Program, The Towns of Warner & Webster, The Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, the Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation, the Courser Family and many private donors.

*A reserved right within the Courser Farm Phase 3 conservation easement has been exercised on two of the three parcels. The 146-acre parcel on Connors Mill Road and the 185-acre parcel on Poverty Plains Road, have each had an allowed three-acre house lot withdrawn, which was a provision put into the easement by the landowners. The total acreage for the three lots within this easement is now 434 acres.

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