• 33.21 acres
  • 7/10
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Shaw Hills Road & Raccoon Hill Road, Andover

This 33.21 acre easement donated by Don and Lorraine Cline is an important link between two other Ausbon Sargent protected properties, the Broshek and Barclin conservation easements, that it lies between. The Clines have been very community-minded in working with their neighbors to double the acres of conserved land on the north side of Shaw Hill Road. They've made their land available to the public for walking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and nature observation. The property is primarily undeveloped forestland with frontage on Raccoon Hill Road. In addition to being managed for forest products, the property includes an active and expanding sugar bush and a portion of a small home farm. It is identified by the New Hampshire Wildlife Action Plan as a supportive landscape for wildlife, as deer, bear, turkey, bobcat, fox, snowshoe hare, roughed grouse, moose, coyote, owls, bald eagles, a variety of hawks, amphibians and reptiles have been observed using the property. Water flowing from the Cline easement joins the Blackwater River and its associated wetlands, which the NH Wildlife Action Plan considers to be a very important wildlife resource in the region.

Don Cline passed away on September 20, 2019.

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