• 106.00 acres
  • 12/03
  • L

Walker Brook Road, Danbury

A commitment to conservation outweighed miles of separation, as Roger Birnbaum, an out of state Danbury landowner, made a 106-acre, conservation easement donation on Walker Brook Road. The property is well known for its stream, cascading water, and popular swimming hole, and the easement provides for permanent, pedestrian access to the picturesque summer gathering place.

Birnbaum, of New Jersey, had purchased the property over 30 years ago while a New England resident. His separation from the Danbury property did not, however, diminished his appreciation of its value to our region. Birnbaum explains, "I continued to visit the property at least every year or two, and I was concerned about its future. My interest was piqued when I learned that arrangements had been made for abutting properties and that my property could expand the protected area."

The Birnbaum easement adds to the protection of a larger, area ecosystem, which includes Rosemary’s Woods (250 acres), the Hope lands (489 acres), and other properties. The area supports a wealth of wildlife, including deer, moose, bear, fox, and owls.

Birnbaum continues, "I share the vision of the land trust. We have shrinking amounts of wilderness, and this is the time to protect natural wildlife habitat and open space that has scenic quality – before it’s too late."

Nancy Berliner purchased 3.22 acres on 11/1/2017 and a new landowner purchased 102.78 acres on 12/29/20 subject to the terms of the conservation easement.  The property shall not be further subdivided.

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