Winter 2015


  • The Return on Investment (ROI) of Land Conservation--With Doug Lyon's experience as a CFO, he makes a strong financial case for the value of conserving land.
  • "Brewing" Up a Fundraiser--Read about a clever fundraiser that one family created with Ausbon Sargent in mind.
  • Land Protection Helps Adapt to Climate Change--Author Ann Davis summarizes the main points made at a NH Fish and Game workshop presented by Emily Preston regarding the effects of climate change on our NH wildlife.
  • Read about 5 new properties and the personal stories told by their owners.
  • Wendell Marsh South Update-- At various times we need your help to raise funds for a special project.  We try to provide you with periodic updates in the process.
  • Bob Stevens' Lasting Gift--Bob Stevens passed away on July 10, 2014, but he left his legacy in the property he conserved.
  • Thank You for Thinking of Us, Naia--Ausbon Sargent received an unexpected bequest from Naia Conrad adding her to our list of Acorn Society Members.

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