Winter 2014


  • "The Value of Our IrrePLACEable Open Spaces"--You may be surprised to see the comparison of the Cost of Community Services among Residential, Commercial and Open spaces. Conserving land is a wise investment.
  • "Why Give an Easement?"--After placing an easement on his property in Goshen that he sentimentally has named "Wayne's Woods," John Garvey shares his insight.
  • "Ausbon Sargent is an Accredited Land Trust"--Do you know what that means? 
  • "Seymour and Your 'Inner Child'"--Let us know if you'd like to don the suit and portray our mascot at any of the special events in our region.
  • "When you're not using it anymore..."--The Acorn Society
  • Read about our newest land projects: Wendell Marsh North, Stoney Brook, and The Phillips Preserve--we've been very busy.
  • "Meet Our New Trustees"--Graham McSwiney, Suzanne Tether and Jim Owers
  • "Remembering Roger Hersey" by Rita LaPlante Norander
  • "Emerald Ash Borer Alert"...and what you can do to help.
  • "Ausbon Sargent Receives a Generous Grant from the NH Charitable Foundation"

Download (PDF, 8.80 mb)