Winter 2011


  • "Battles Farm Conservation Alliance"  - J. Ann Eldridge, longtime member of the Bradford Conservation Commission, outlines the many conservation and quality of life values in preserving Battles Farm.
  • "A Century of Life on Courser Farm" - Bob Bowers discussed the Courser family tradition of farming and woodland management on their 1,203 protecte acres in Webster and Warner.
  •  "Messer Pond" - 46.95 acres of New London owned land protecting 510' of shoreline by Jesse Levine.
  • "The Roger Hersey Farm"  - Story by Rita LaPlante Norander of the addition of 54.25 acres to the picturesque open pastures of the Hersey Farm easements in Andover.
  • "Hiller Easement"  - Mary and Ed Hiller explain why they conserved 69 acres abutting the Hersey Farm easements in Andover,
  • "Cline Easement" -  Lorraine Cline writes about how conservation goals go beyond just land protection for their 33.21 acre easement in Andover.

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