Ausbon Sargent Protects Another Property in Andover

Ausbon Sargent Protects Another Property in Andover

1,700 feet of the Roby Preserve lies along the Northern Rail Trail in Andover.

On August 29, 2017, Ausbon Sargent took ownership of the 41.98-acre Roby Preserve located along Route 11 in East Andover.  Years ago, Barbara Roby’s parents placed an easement with the Forest Society on their Taunton Hill property in East Andover. In recent years, Ausbon Sargent has been working with Barbara and David Roby to protect these remaining family acres that lie across Route 11 from the Taunton Hill land. 

Barbara and David Roby now live in Lyme, NH and Barbara recalls the many years her family enjoyed the East Andover property.  She reflects, “Our memories are good, and because we share the intention, as my parents did, to leave this land of memories untouched and beautiful, we are happy to gift this parcel to Ausbon Sargent.”

The Roby Preserve has over 1,800 feet of road frontage on Route 11 and over 1,700 feet of frontage on the recreational Northern Rail Trail.  The property is open to the public for low-impact recreational use.  In addition, by protecting this land, we also guarantee that valuable water resources, including wetlands, and an important wildlife habitat will be conserved forever.  The Roby Preserve is adjacent to Ausbon Sargent’s McLeod Preserve and near over 2,400 acres of other conserved land.

Ausbon Sargent now protects 142 properties consisting of 11,200 acres in the 12 towns that they represent.